What is a Life Mission?

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What is a Life Mission?

Let's define 'mission' first.

A mission is a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling. An important assignment given to a person or group of people.

Life Mission is your inner calling - your true purpose on this planet - your soul plan or soul purpose for this life!

Do not confuse life mission with the goals/purposes/missions given to you by your parents, teachers, friends, society or nation. None of them is your true mission.

You may have assumed these goals/purposes as your life mission consciously or unconsciously and running around in your life in achieving them - draining your self - and this may have created a big void within. This can become clearer as you come nearer to end of your life!

In this course, we will try to clear all misconceptions and any ambiguity about your life purpose, to arrive at a mission statement that is straight from your heart.

Clarity on Your Life Mission will tremendously help you to achieve true success and satisfaction in life.

This can have a 360 degrees impact on all aspects of your life!

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