Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  1. Adventures of exploring a new world
  2. Fulfill your desires on grand scale
  3. Experiment with instant manifestation (Co-creation)
  4. Identifying areas needing attention
  5. Overcoming phobia, fears, habits
  6. Improving intuition
  7. Getting creative ideas during sleep
  8. Problem solving during sleep
  9. Exploring and experiencing alternate reality
  10. Activating Extra Sensory Perceptions
  11. Insights about ultimate reality
  12. Release yourself from limiting beliefs
  13. Experiment with mind powers like psychokinesis
  14. Learn about your shadow aspects
  15. Learn about your past lives and integrate them
  16. Get hints about probable future events - especially warnings
  17. Increased chances of out of body experience
  18. Disabled people can enjoy and experience joy of using dream body
  19. Those in sports, athletics, performing arts can practice their skills in dreams
  20. Your Spiritual Revolution

As you can notice, there are so many uses and benefits of learning lucid dreaming - and that too during non productive hours of night. In fact, lucid dreaming will help you a lot in achieving success in your daily waking state due to nature of the practices we will be doing.

Practices done in waking state, help you get success in lucid dreaming and practices done during lucid dreaming, help you get success in waking life. So as you can understand it's a bi-directional self development process.

I am sure this will motivate you to put enough time and efforts in learning and mastering the art and science of lucid dreaming. I can vouch from my personal experience, that lucid dreaming will boost your overall progress. In fact, just a couple of lucid dreams have the capability to completely transform your life and your perspective towards life and death!

So let's begin with focus and determination, while enjoying this new learning and practice.

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